Friday, May 27, 2011

My "Ahhh, Sweet Summer" Mantel!

Here it is first mantel post!  I'm actually not that great about switching out my mantel normally.  I've had the same old tired candlesticks sitting up there for a dogs age, and quite frankly, I've gotten so used to them, I don't even notice they are there anymore.  That's when we know it's REALLY time for a change!  So, the plan is to ~update~ my mantel a little more often around here.  I get so wrapped up in the BIG projects, the details often get lost on me.  And, as a wise designer once said..."It's all in the details"!

The inspiration is summer, of course...but also a nod to the construction ongoing in my backyard.  Can't wait to show you that post, but I do have a little preview below!


An ode to the water that will soon inhabit my yard
Incorporating my fav color....robin's egg blue of course!
Ahhh, sweet summer!  I am thankful it comes early in Houston!
And to the preview...

I can just feel the turquoise water tickling my toes....
I am linking up to The Lettered Cottage!  Now, go have a Margarita!  Ole!


The Lettered Cottage

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  1. so...i found you via Layla :) Forget the mantel - the pool shell looks awesome! We just completed ours last week - and thru our first pool party last Saturday - talk about not being finished in time! Anyway - love the mantel too :)

  2. stopping by from the Lettered Cottage, LOVE your mantel especially your blue starfish & the beach sign! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

  3. Gorgeous mantle - love the colors in the beach sign - wow - that will be some pool! What fun,

  4. Cheers to the POOL! ...the mantel is fantastic!

  5. You can find your lovely mantel featured here.
    Are you splashing around in the pool yet!?

  6. Thanks Maya!! My very first feature ;-) No pool yet...choosing stone, tile and water color this week. Yikes!! Love your blog!

  7. Where did you get the beach sign?