Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby Lifestyles Article - Alexis' Nursery

Just wanted to say many thanks to Tara from for including my humble little nursery as part of their fabulous e-glossy magazine.  I am truly honored to be included with the group of magnificent nurseries that made the cut this month.  All I can say is WOW...

You can check out the article on page 29 here.

I love Baby Lifestyles

Also, I know I promised to post on the pool.  It's been a crazy summer, and the landscaping is still not done.  Honestly, I'd rather be in the pool than out in 107 degree heat, planting trees and flowers.  Ugh.  Yes, it really is 107 in Houston.  At least it rained yesterday, and cooled things down to a balmy 102 today (insert roll of the eyes here).

Anywho.....sorry about the late post on the article....It's been out a while, but I've been crazy busy.  I have the Twins 5 year birthday next week, and a 1 year old's birthday to plan for next month too!  Nothing done as usual...yikes!
Have a fab Thursday,