-noun, plural -phies

1.  Your story told through design.  Your Style.  Your Way. 

A biography is "a written account of another person's life".  Pretty simple.  That could mean just about anything! Unsurprisingly, when I went in search of one word to sum up my design style, that word was elusive.  I could not find just one.  I am a multitude of styles, thrown into a pot, and boiled many many days!  You just never know how it's going to come out!  So, in searching for a blog title, I found myself in a quandry.  How on earth do I define ME?  Consequently, I decided, hey...why not simply coin my own term!  So, this is my blog, my creative outlet, and My Decorography!

I just love the possibility and excitement of design.  You get to create, define, and express yourself in ways that words and actions simply cannot.  I am not a wordsmith, or a comedian.  And, I'm not much of a talker.  But, great design I understand!  Thankfully, I am a listener.  That means I love to hear your opinions, feelings, occasional rantings, and positive feedback.  I also love to explore the decorography of others.  This design blogland is vast and overflowing with amazing, talented, and creative personalities.  I am so happy to finally be a part of it. 

I hope you are inspired.  I hope you enjoy My Decorography.