Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas...SO Done!

I am so ready for all the Christmas decorations to be down and out. I'm really baaah humbug this year, lol! In my house, it's normally tradition to leave decorations up until Old Christmas Day, or Jan 6th (for those of you who have no clue what this old Christmas Day is)! But, this morning, my Christmas light guys came and took down all the exterior lights. I didn't know that were coming, and they had them whipped down in about 5 seconds before I had time to protest...so I think it's a sign! I need to move on to bigger and better projects.

Like this:

Source: houzz.com via Lynette on Pinterest

That would be the color scheme I have going in my Master, but I need to do draperies, and accessorize a little more. Oh, and an awesome chaise would be great too!  Santa...do you take returns?  Is it too late to revise my list?  Can I celebrate my birthday in January this year instead of December?

Love this room too:

Source: houzz.com via Lynette on Pinterest

Add wood floors though, and a little blue. But, I just love the softness and tranquility of a monochromatic color scheme for a bedroom. Truly restful.

Other projects:

Foyer and Dining room.  1999 Called, and they want Grandma's china cabinet back:

I would LOVE to paint that furniture, but I'm petrified!

And, the entryway...oh so dark!  For someone who loves cooler blues and grays, I'm not sure how this brownish puke color made it into my entryway, making a a dark space even darker.

Oh, and that wall behind the china cabinet...so getting a makeover too!  I'm envisioning a gorgeous robin's egg, with quatrefoil stencil.

Stay tuned!  2012 is going to rock!  Just need to tackle the 12 foot monster tree first.....

I need caffeine............

~Lynette~ xo


  1. A Vente from SB and a lot of paint!!! Sounds like you will be busy, busy, busy!!! Happy 2012 XO Cindy

  2. Hi Lynette! I saw your post over at My Sweet Savannah and wanted to let you know that the kitchen she featured today is in the 2011 July/August edition of House Beautiful. It is the cover picture and there are more pictures of this kitchen in the magazine itself. I have dark cabinets (it's what we chose when we recently remodeled) becuase we have 4 kids and I didn't want to wip down cabinets all the time...trying to keep my house a little less fussy than our prior home. Anyway, I hope you can find more pics! If I locate some, I'll be back! Have a great day! Kristine

  3. Thanks Kristine!!! I might just have that issue still kicking around in my house! I'm a magazine hoarder!! ha ha! I really appreciate you taking the time to post here. I agree with you about the dark cabinets being low maintenance. I think I just need to lighten the wall color! Lynette xo

  4. Lynette, I came here because I saw your comment at My Sweet Savannah and actually wrote a post about this kitchen when the issue came out. The HB website did not post any of the photos but if you go to Chris Barrett's website (she owns the home and designed the kitchen) you can find more there: http://www.chrisbarrettdesign.com/ There is where I got the photos for our architect.


  5. I must be technologically challenged here...I didn't find it on her website either! I did find my house beautiful copy, but there were not other pics, they were just cropped a little differently. Thanks so much for trying to help my lame self though ;-)