Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pool Pandemonium

Oh Dear.  I have so much stuff on my plate, I'm literally spinning in circles.  Remember my nasty little habit of doing things last minute, upside down, and in a completely chaotic order?!?  Well, I'm doing it again, but this time I'm gambling with a considerable amount of money.  We have decided to {possibly} put in a pool.  I say possibly mostly because I'm not sure I can nail down a design in the time frame I have to work with.  Yikes.  Talk about pressure.  I have to have the design submitted to the homeowners association for approval next week if we want to have any chance of swimming if June!  I've been obsessively stalking every pool website known to man in an effort to determine what style of pool I would like the best.  The good part is I've found a style I like.  And the bad part?  Not a good fit for my yard.  So, I am now trying my best to reconcile what I really want, with what I can feasibly do....a time weathered quandary common to all design projects.  Wants vs. the budget, your style vs. house style, in my case, contemporary square pool vs. round yard.  They say you can't put a square peg in a round hole, and I'm certainly beginning to believe them!  But, I have faith that things will work out.  Stay posted for my big backyard reveal if this pool thing actually goes down.  If not, I promise to post the totally fab outdoor room, complete with kitchen and fireplace, that did make it to construction.  I'll leave you with a few pool pics I have fallen in love with for our yard.  Enjoy!

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